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Let’s face it. The challenges are here today. So we asked ourselves. What is it that we can do? Do we design websites and digital products? Yes.

But that is not all.


Yes, yes. Impressive.
But what do we actually do?

Bringing Relief to Personal Health Care with AI


How can we combine scientific research competence with relief in personal health care for the right diagnosis and treatment for patients?


Together with the Leadership at Symptoma and its team, Konvergenz is co-developing a Digital Brand and Products that let both, patients and health care professionals, interact with artificial intelligence.

This is a large, untapped potential to augment health care in a way that has not been available yet.

In Symptoma´s ecosystem of products and services, it enables users to find the right diagnosis for patients and match with research institutions for treatment development as well as specialized doctors for treatment.


Symptoma is the most used symptom checker worldwide among patients, health professionals and institutions with millions of users and searches per month.


European Union
Horizon 2020

44 Countries
36 Languages

Millions of users and searches
per Month from a global

Best out of
107 Symptom

Externally validated
by Pfizer.

Fostering Biodiversity through Blockchain Technology


Two pioneers in agriculture and blockchain technology were looking for a creative partner that understands blockchain technology and business strategy to create Germany's first large scale blockchain application for Agriculture.


The BayWa IT GmbH as part of the International BayWa Group co-developed with YOUKI, a leader for industrial blockchain technologies, a blockchain supported web platform. Combayn facilitates a direct connection between landowners and donors online.

Konvergenz is leading the digital creative process to bring the shareholder's vision to life in partnership with BayWa IT, YOUKI, as well as software and content development partners.


Over 250.000 m² of fields available for donation at launch

Enabled Blockchain Ecosystem across BayWa Agriculture Services

Enabling Conversations with Web-Based Virtual Display


Introduce a design system together with the Demodesk team to be used in a fast paced environment to concept, develop and deploy the application.


Demodesk is the the first intelligent meeting platform for remote sales.
It increases sales productivity with automated scheduling, preloaded playbooks, structured note taking and deep CRM integration.

Built upon a revolutionary online meeting technology. Konvergenz co-created the Design Engineering Process to let the Software and
Product Development Teams work together more efficiently.


Demodesk serves more than 150 customers including Treatwell, Forto and Personio. With the recently raised $8M Series A Funding the product will be scaled to the worlds first intelligent online sales meeting platform.


YCombinator, Kleiner Perkins
and Balderton Funding

More than 150 customers in EU and US

Based in San Francisco and Munich with over $10M in Funding

YC Class Winter 2019

Do you work for a better today?

It’s time. Today is the time we can use science, design and technology to build digital tools we never imagined.

Over 15 years of experience with Microsoft, SAP, Adobe, BMW, Volkswagen as well as more inspiring leaders let our team strive to enable you to benefit people for the better.

We say thank you to all our partners and hello
to you.


We combine technology knowledge and science with creative thinking. 
To form complex challenges into industry leading digital brands and products.

What does this mean? It means, if your current challenge is to identify the potential of what your business or product is capable of digitally or how you can build a digital strategy for your product, we can work with you. And this counts for any industry.

We love industry products, from medical over drones to the blockchain.

If you are in a fast paced environment to bring your project to life:

Together with us as your partner, you can count on a team of experienced psychologists and creatives that not only won several awards but works with high velocity to let you move forward.

So, is Konvergenz a design studio?

Well, by “design” you probably mean the process to manage, visualize, and deliver on stakeholder needs in a digital project? Or to partner with your creative team to navigate between consultancy firm speech and software development languages to efficiently design engineer digital products?

Then yes, we are your design studio! *

* (Otherwise, we are your design studio, too. With a smile and a certain love for great service :) )

Where we can help

Jokes aside. “For the better”. For us, it means building good, successful products to benefit one and all using them.

When you start working with us, we will not talk about future trends in your industry but begin by listening to your challenges. Because that is what we are hungry for.

There is plenty of more work we have done which we cannot show online. To get to know us better, please contact us through phone or right here.


Curiosity is only vanity. We usually want to know so that we can talk about it.

Blaise Pascal

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